Our mission is to promote peace by joining participants worldwide in a synchronized PRAYER FOR PEACE and to support humanitarian causes through the global language of music and dance.

The Goal

Our goal is to inspire participation from promoters, clubs, artists, musicians and peace-lovers worldwide to dedicate one day to support humanitarian efforts and help unite people from all nations in a day of peaceful celebration and harmony. This year we are expanding the circle to include anyone interested in world peace, even if you can't make it to an official event.

The Objective

Our objective is to create as many Earthdance events around the world as possible. From public stadium concerts to private living room gatherings, there are no conditions on how big or small an event has to be. The spirit of Earthdance is participation on whatever level possible.

In the spirit of "Think Global, Act Local," each local promoter must donate at least 50% of their profits to a local charity related to one of the following categories:

* The Welfare of Children & Urban Youth
* Indigenous Peoples
* International Relief and Development;
* Environmental Sustainability & Protection
* Organizations that help Promote Peace

Each promoter also commits to include that charity in their event by giving them space to display information, and time to speak at the event. To find out more about becoming a promoter, please visit our public events page.

If you want to participate, but do not feel that putting on a public event is for you, please consider having a private event with your friends and family.

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